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About City of Heroes: Homecoming

City of Heroes: Homecoming is a server that runs multiple instances of the game City of Heroes, which had shut down on November 30, 2012. Then, in April of 2019, it was publicly revealed that a team calling themselves SCoRE (Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers) had received a copy of the source files and had been running a private server based on the code for over six years. A few days after this revelation, the team released the source code to the public. This act was nicknamed the "Resurgence". The team then worked with an anonymous parties to start up a new public server. This first public server was shut down and wiped fairly quickly after the owner received a fake "cease and desist" letter. Finally, SCoRE worked with a new team, calling themselves the Homecoming team, to bring up a new server. This new server has been running for some time now, and shows no sign of being shut down any time soon. While there are other teams also working on their own public servers, this Wiki space has been reserved as a Fandom site where anyone can feel free to post any information that they desire about City of Heroes: Homecoming - the server, the shards, the developers and moderators, the game content, whatever is desired. The only rules are as follows:

  • Follow Fandom's Terms of Use
  • Ensure that the content you provide is related to City of Heroes: Homecoming directly
  • If the content is related to "City of Heroes Classic", i.e. Cryptic, NCSoft, and Paragon Studio's work on City of Heroes before the game shutdown, please place that content over at our "cousin" site ParagonWiki (with whom this site has no official affiliation). Feel free to insert pages into your Wiki pages that link to ParagonWiki whenever possible to reflect accurate information about the game's current state on the Homecoming server.
  • If the content is related to another City of Heroes server, please direct those updates to their own official channels (Wikis, Discord, etc.). This site is ONLY intended for Homecoming-related material

Aside from that, there are NO additional rules or restrictions about what may or may not be placed on this wiki at this time. Go. Post. Populate Pages.

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